Add Bookmark Link

The Add Bookmark link is available for windows that can be bookmarked. The link displays below the Add/Remove Favorite link. The link is useful for opening records that you use frequently.

Click Add Bookmark to add the current record to your list of bookmarks. A Bookmark Entry popup window opens that allows you to add and save a short description of the bookmarked record.

The description is not required; however, if you add one, the text displays in a tooltip when you view a list of bookmarks to open the record.

To open a bookmarked record:

  1. Click File > Bookmarks.

  2. Scroll to locate the record.
  3. (Optional) Move the cursor over the list to see the tooltip description.
  4. Double-click a line to launch the bookmarked record.

To remove obsolete Bookmarks, mark the check box at the left of a line and click the Delete Selected button on the Bookmarks window.

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